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Authorize Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) Catalyst Agent (Sticky Post)


Today, I would like to share you some of the products that Catalyst had change my health to become more better than before as well as better appearance. Better late, than never. One of my principles that I learnt from one of my lecture in UiTM and keep it since now.

Testimonial from my own consume for more than 5 months.
 Please click here to read testimonial.

Latest Photo of myself. Taken the day before fasting month started.

Here are the list of products. All are pre-order unless stated as ready stock. Price exclusive with postage fee.


Our Virgin Coconut Oil is in softgel capsule form for easy consuming
and storage. Extracted through biotechnology's bacteria fermentation
process, yielding up to 60% extraordinarily pure lauric acid. The
increased content of lauric acid strengthens the body immune system.
Catalyst Virgin Coconut Oil has properties and characteristics make it
a complete Utara Functional foods needed by your body to maintain and
ENHANCE your health.
Rich in lauric acid; contains properties of mother's milk
Strong anti-oxidant
Experience the health benefits of extra virgin coconut oil without
bearing the Oily feeling and coconut taste.


-Helps keep skin soft and clean as baby's skin
-Prevents wrinkles occur
-Helps control diabetes, blood sugar
Reduced risk of heart disease
-Reduce the risk of cancer
-Prevent Osteoporosis
-Helps to reduce acne and oily skin problems
-Get rid of acne scars and strechmark for women
pregnant with this happy oiling problem.
-Skin does not suffer from any acne, oily, and
-Provides essential nutrients in the body
-Provide energy for the body fitness
-Enhance the immune system
-Supports healthy metabolic function
-Can lose weight (depending on individual dietary)
-Increasing the absorption rate of nutrients
-Helps reduce bad cholestrol (LDL) cholesterol and raise good
cholestrol (HDL)
-Helps to reduce body weight by increasing the number
-Soften the skin and provide protection from radiation
-Increases energy and physical and mental resilience
-Improves digestion and absorption of vitamins
-Protects the body against cancer
-Acne quickly dropped
Regular back-Your PMS
-The digestive system is better
- Fertility Problems
Reduced feel cramps
-Accelerate the process of cough and cold menyembuhan
Reduced sleep snoring


relieve respiratory
- Loosen phlegm and clear the respiratory tract and throat

and small bowel
- Overcome constipation and uncomfortable urination and remove toxins
through the stool

metabolism in all cells
- Coconut oil is absorbed as the energy component in the bodies will
feel more energetic

destroys the harmful organism
-Like viruses, bacteria, fungi and ptotozoa (worms) found in small and
large intestines. so digestion achieves a maximum

mitigate the situation gets hungry
Any digestion reached a maximum level, the body get more nutrition and
energy. by body weight controlled-not need to eat much and often

reduce body fat
-Weight suit one's body

reduce the risk of heart attack and high blood pressure
-Prevent the formation of plaque in blood vessels, especially vessels
to the heart

accelerate the replacement of dead cells with new
-Restore elasticity and softness of skin


Men can eat jugak to?
YES. VCO blatant suitable suppliment for kedua2 gender.

How long can a bottle of VCO is this?
In one bottle there are 60 soft gel capsules and can last for a month,
not including if used to apply as well.

Posted VCO in accordance with all ages to?
All ages are encouraged to eat VCO ni. Of the young people until the elders.

How to take / nutrition VCO this?
Can be used in 2 ways.

Food and Apply on the face
2 times (2 capsules per day) can be eaten before or after meals.
Preferably taken with warm water or plain water or take 2 capsules at

Can be applied to my face. Lubangkan little disposable needles near
Softgel tuh then rub my face before tido.boleh left until the morning,
or only 15 minutes to absorb the oil on your face tu. but for better
result are encouraged to eat and rub on the face. important to eat 2
capsules a day without a skip.

No more grease to rub soft gel when nih near the face?
No. .. after application will taste oily je .. bile da washed'll feel

If I present it thin, and when eating VCO nih, will increase lean more to?
if andasedia thin, it will not manage again after eating because your
metabolism is already high.
For a low metabolism, VCO helps to raise your metabolism

How long can see the effect after eating VCO is this?
If you consistently take these capsules, insyaAllah, the effect will
be obtained in a short time but it also depends on the system /
individual hormones. Side effects are also different for each
individual according to the problem. (:

VCO halal this?
Yes, Halal .. Gelantinnya resources from legitimate sources and is
recognized by JAKIM. Brand ni VCO from Catalyst Catalyst is derived
from company Nutraceutical (M) Sdn in Malaysia and based from nature.
100% indigenous, and not have doubt. Visit for
Collagen Catalyst
RM 59.90 (Peninsular Malaysia)
RM 65.90 (Sabah & Sarawak)
15 sachets per box / 3 g per sachet
* 1 sachet daily * (Put on your tongue, suck and drink warm water / juice)

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a product that has been formulated based on pharmaceutical technology to provide countless benefits to the body of practitioners of the hair down to my feet ..

Collagen is a protein structure that serves as:

Adhesives in the body
It gives structure to the body, protect and support the soft tissue and bone connected to the body.
While in his 20s active growth hormone to support the growth of structure and encourage the development of muscles, tendons and ligaments.
used to produce the protein collagen bg help this growth and enable regeneration of new cells ..
Benefits of Using Collagen Catalyst
Help the recovery process and osteoarthritis osteoperosis
Restores freshness and youthful
Addressing the problem of dull skin, dry and wrinkled
Smooths cracked heels and nails dim
Nourish the hair to look thick and shiny
Helps activate the metabolism of all body tissues maximum ketahap
Effect of Catalyst Collagen Practice
Non-oily skin
Can reduce the acne will disappear
Reduce existing scars skin
Body will feel invigorated and energized
More active mind and body movements of the body to be smooth.

EFFECTS depreciation of collagen:
natural skin begins to lose elasticity and wrinkles begin early tanda2 visible
interfere with other body parts, especially in the regeneration of soft tisu2
transportation difficulties toxins from the cells into the lymphatic system
prevent the movement of nutrition and hydration

Catalyst Recruitment EFFECT OF EXCELLENCE and Collagen?
Reducing the number, density and clarity of wrinkles
To ensure freshness and elasticity of skin
Restores freshness and youthful
Addressing the problem of dull skin, oily, dry and wrinkled
Assist in a smooth heel-nails split and break easily dimmed
Fertile and healthy hair that looks great and shiny
Helps activate the metabolism of all tissues of the body to the maximum
Get rid of old scars and acne
Reduce cellulite and make sure the skin is always beautiful
More active mind and body movements become smoother
Body will feel invigorated and energized

Fibre Catalyst DRINK (orange flavor)
in powder form
RM 59.90 (peninsula)
RM 65.90 (Sabah & Sarawak)
15 sachets / 15 grams each

Catalyst DRINK NATURAL fiber help:

* Increase the body's defense system
* Maintain a healthy digestive system
* Improving bowel function by balancing microflora
Reduce constipation and increased bowel movements
* Addressing the problem of diarrhea (diarrhea)
* Reduction of serum cholesterol & diabetes (diabetes)
* Allows nutrients absorbed
* Cleans the blood of the toxins once the blood
* Prevention of infections due to harmful germs

For those who suffer from digestive problems and digestive problems such as difficult to dispose of your water is recommended to take a DRINK Catalyst NATURAL fiber.

- How to Start Fibre Catalyst NATURAL DRINK
* Pour a sachet of Fibre Drink in my cup containing warm water (150 ml)
* Stir well and drink immediately
* Preferably taken in the morning / night before bed

* Avoid use of water is too hot *

Agen Produk VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) Catalyst Kawasan Bangsar,
Cyberjaya, Putrajaya

Produk Catalyst (Pre Order/ Ready Stock):

VCO Softgel Catalyst      (RM39.90)
VCO Liquid Catalyst       (RM39.90)
Collagen with Vitamin C  (RM59.90)
Fibre Drink                     (RM59.90)

Inbox me utk Order atau sebarang pertanyaan

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To order email to / SMS to 019-6697500/ Replied to comment
Followed by,
1) Name :
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reservation and payment only in 2 day.
COD: Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Bangsar

Terms & Conditions
1) All items available are brand new unless stated otherwise and in a
good condition. Items sold are not refundable, returnable or
exchangeable. All price stated are excluded the postage. For serious
buyers only. Please, no backouts. First come first serve basis. We
will not be responsible for any damaged or loss during delivery.

2) To reserve or buy, please email / leave comment
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3) Payment within 3 days via Maybank and CIMB.
Reservations of item(s) are only valid for 2 days.
After payment made, email to us the information of the transaction
such as date, time and total or take photo of the receipt to avoid any
inconvenience matters

4) Postage
RM 7- Semenanjung
RM 9- Sabah/Sarawak

Item Price (Peninsular Malaysia) + Postage RM7.00
Item Price (East Malaysia) + Postage RM9.00

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