Monday, 30 May 2011

Travelholics Confessions of Seoul Part Six

The sixth day of my stayed at Hi Seoul, Heart of Asia. Various of famous place to attack inside Seoul City. Before this, we had went travelling outside of Seoul. We start our sixth day journey to visit the Gyeongbkyu Palace for our first pit stop of the day. The main and largest palace in Korea. Admission fee was 3,000 KRW per person. We took the subway from Sinchon. Once we arrived, there was a demonstration of how the Korea's army were. So we watched the demonstration before exploring the palace. It was very hot and sunny that day whereby I need to open my umbrella. I couldnt even open my eyes as it shinning that it poke my eyes.

Entrance of the Palace

Infront of Pagado Palace

Inside the Palace
Second pit stop was Myeongdong!!! Favourite place to shop Korean brand cosmeticss!!! Heaven..totally heaven but this place is crowded. We stop here just to grab food to eat before heading to the next destination, Hanok Village. This place!! Very very delicious the food!!Thumbs up. The price of our food for both of is 24,000 KRW. So, 12,000 KRW ~ RM33 per person. Very pricey for Malaysia Ringgit but worthy!!! Very very worthy. We order seafood ricecake.

Kimchi and Seaweed Soup (Cold)
Infront of various favourite korean brand shops that I love and adore
 Third pit stop was Hanok Village.

Last pit stop was Namsan Tower. We took the cable car to Namsan Tower. Please take note, there is a lift towards the Namsan Cable Car. Please do not be like me and my friend. We walk half way towards the hill to get the Namsan Cable Car. Didnt realize there were lift from the bottom of the hill. Haha..haha..very funny when I remember it. No wonder, no other tourist insight. Only me and her. Lesson to be learnt.

Namsan Pad Lock Love Area

That is all for day sixth. So tiring and leg felt about to be broken into two. Too many places to be visit in one day. Crash one day trip at Seoul City.

P/S I did some shopping at Myeondong Etude House, Holika Holika, Tony Moly and Saem. Wait for my cosmestic entry. I know you cant resist to wait hik hik....

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