Monday, 30 May 2011

Travelholics Confessions of Seoul Part Four

Everland Theme Park...Here I come!!! I was very excited to go there!!! My most favourable place and most wishlist to visit!!! My nature is when visiting a country, you must go and try out their theme park. We had departure from Gangnam Station and took the bus 5002 to Everland. The bus fare per trip was 1,200 KRW ~ RM3.30. I didnt know that the Everland Theme park was way up the hills like Genting Highlands. The journey took around 30 minutes. Before we came, we had already print out the discount voucher from the Everland Theme park website. For foreigner, we will get discount from 38,000 KRW to become 35,000 KRW per person. Save 3,000 KRW. This admission fee is from day until night. You can spend the whole day there. I took alot alot of pictures, I had to put several here. We had stayed there from morning until the night time. We had watched the mask parade for spring at noon and at night we had the chance to see mask parade for moonlight. As it was spring season, Everland theme park was filled with roses. It was roses theme for this time. More information, please visit Everland Theme Park website.

In front of the ticket counter

Human Sky

The best ride of all rides in Everland was the T-Express Roller Coaster!!! Totally awesome!!! The world steepest and wooden rollercoaster in the world, I am proudly to say I had step in it and had the best exprience in my life!!! Even it scary the hell of me once it took off but at the end it was the an awesome ride!!! Please make sure you have a good heart to ride this as you will felt you left your heart at the starting point once it shoot through the rail. You feel the breeze of the air and felt that the train is jumping off it rail.  Pictures?? Need to get it from my friend. As my camera was out of battery at that time, too bad!!!

Will update the pictures once got the it hand.

P/S T-Express awesomeee!!!!

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  1. hello i just read your tour and i felt excited as i was planning to get there too.. ur blog helped me a lot. By the way, you mentioned that you were able to use the discount coupon. I also wanted to use that but i dont what to put on foreing registration number. can you help me where to get that...thank you so much!!!

  2. i mean i dont know where to get the foreign registration it in my passport?thanks again...

  3. Hi Gwen,
    No need to key in the foreign registration number. Hope you have a great stay at Korea =)