Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Travelholics Confessions of Seoul Part Seven - Finale

Finally day had arrived. The last day to explore Seoul. As there werent enough time for us even though our flight was at 10.25 pm. We took the time to pack our stuff in the morning and check out from the hostel. Take photos with the receptionist people. Left our luaggage at the receptionist before heading to our last pit stop in our trip, Naedum Market. We bump into several Malaysians that wanted to shop for souverniors and also Korea Stone brooches!!! All the way from Busan, end up all the Korea Stone brooches are now located at the Naedum Market. Please take note, dont be like us. Always research throughly but however at the Internet also didnt update that it be relocated here. Damn!!! Waste of money to Busan, that what I say.  Each brooches you can get lowest from 3,000 KRW up to 15,000 KRW. Please make sure you go around the Naedum Market because there will be alot and alot of brooches with variety of price and make sure get the cheapest!!!


My latest addition braclet!!! Very beautiful and gorgeous

Fridge Magnet, Keychains

It was time to bid farewell to Korea. Took the airport limousine bus from Sinchon. It was a great trip but yet I must come again because for shopping only!!! Next time Seoul, I will return to visit you sometime again. Thank you for the memories.

P/S I was superbroke at that time, cashless. Only a few of souverniors manage to bought because overspent on the brooches.

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