Monday, 30 May 2011

Travelholics Confessions of Seoul Part Three

Third Day at Seoul. Earlier iterinary was to head to Nami Island. However, we had started off this day with a hitch start. Woke up late due to the tiredness of the Busan journey. We arrived late at the bus stop to take the bus and then found out our ticket tour bus had been already sold to other passengers. Sigh what a day to start off. It started to rain and rain. At the end we decide to purchases Nami Island ticket tour bus for Sunday. The ticket tour bus is 21,000 KRW ~ RM58 per person inclusive return ticket bus and nami island ferry. Everyday there will be only one bus that depart at 9.30am. The person in charge said it is better on Sunday as it predicted to be sunny. Better sunny then raining. Pictures wont come out nice. Please take note, that I would suggest you to come in early or book in advance (better pay in advance if you dont want to get your ticket been sold to other passengers). As we were already residing at Insandong. We went to take a stroll along the road. This place is famous because of it arts and also souverniors.

After strolling along Insadong streets, we all decided to hunt for halal food as well as to see Korea's mosque at Itaewon. There were various of halal food there to be found. You just need to head towards the hill road that goes toward the mosque. All of us decide to ate kebab halal. Forgot the name of this shop. After having our meal, we went to the Korea's mosque. Sorry no picture to add here. Need to ask photos from my friends. Havent had the decent time to see them and copy all of our photos from them.

That all for day three at Seoul.

P/S I had already started buying Etude House at Insandong outlet..wait for my entry on my cosmetics hauls...hihihih

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