Monday, 30 May 2011

Travelholics Confessions of Seoul Part Five

Nami Island ~ Winter Sonata Scene Movie.

Woke up early as we did not want the same thing happen to us eventhough we had already purchase the ticket. We ensure we arrived at the bus stop at 9 am. The bus depart at 9.30 am from Jong(na) Nam station near Tapagol Park (Pagado Park). The bus ride took 1 hour to reach the ferry station.

Bus Ticket and Visa Entry to Nami Island

Ferry to Nami Island

Korean Muslim Halal Cafe

Kimchi Fried with Fried rice

Peach Ice Pop
We head back to the bus at 3pm as the bus depart at 3.30 pm. Arrived back in Seoul at 5pm. Before heading back. I had spotted something that interest me very very much. Persuave my friends to stop by just for a second. Do you want to know what is it?? Jeng..Jeng...I spotted Holika Holika outlet!!!! I saw it from my bus window and say to myself. Must go!!! End up buying stuff that I was targeting since I was in Malaysia.

Cute Holika Holika staff that entertain me
What did I purchase?? Well you need to wait for my stash cosmetics entry.

P/S I love Holika Holika cute!!! but havent tried their egg soap. Their magic wand mascara!!! Very impressive!!! Totally love every bit of it.

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