Sunday, 29 May 2011

Travelholics Confessions of Seoul Part Two


Day two at Seoul, all of us were heading to Busan to hunt for korea stone brooches. We took the 8 am KTX train from Seoul Station. It cost us 49,000 KRW ~ RM137 per person for one way trip. You imagine two ways trip I need to pay. Very pricing!!! But what to do, traveling in Korea. Each place is very far from the heart of Seoul. The journey took us around 2 hours and it is very fast. FYI, the KTX train looks like our komuter from the outside and inside but the front end looks like a bullet train head. KTX stands for Korean Rail Train Express.

Inside KTX train

We arrived at Busan Station around 10 am. The weather was hot and shining. A good sign. We head to find the nearest subway and head off to hunt Gukje Market. We heard rumors that Korea Stone brooches would be there to be found. Unfortunately, no brooches to be found. Too bad we travel all the way to Seoul to Busan and got dispointed.

To cover our glooming day, we head to Hundae Beach. To see how Korea's sea and beach. It was very winding and breezing but it was a good feeling hangging out at the beach. We had stopped by Baskin Robbins before heading to the beach. Eating ice cream while feeling the wind breezing through your face. It was nice and peaceful.

Heading back to Busan subways, we had a short pit stop at a wet market that sells variety of Korea seafood. Live ones...I repeat live ones in aquariums. The place one on the way from Hundae Beach to the subway.

End of day two at Busan trip. Took the 8 pm KTX train Busan - Seoul.  Arrived at 11 pm at Seoul Station.
To be continue on the part three for day three trip in the next entry. Todolooo...

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