Thursday, 26 May 2011

Travelholics Confessions of Seoul Part One


How are you?' is '안녕 [Annyeong]?...Oh My God, I can speak korean language hahaha.
Actually I just got back from Seoul a few days ago. I went there for 6 days 5 nights trip to Seoul, heart of Asia with my friends Ab and Hafsah. Let me start of on the first day of our arrival on the 18th May 2011. We departed from LCCT Malaysia at 1.45pm and arrived at Incheon International Ariport at 9pm (Local Time) which is also around 10pm Malaysia time zone. Time different between Malaysia and Seoul is 1 hour. At the airport convience store, we had purchase T-Money for 3,000 KRW ~ RM8.40. The T-Money is a prepaid card to be used on bus, subway, and stores. You will need to top-up the T-Money before using it. From the airport, we took the airport bus limousine No 6002 from airport to Sinchon. The cost was 10,000 KRW ~ RM28 per person. When we hop onto the bus, we were instructed to fasten our seat belt. I thought it was just percautious for safety, never occur in our mind that the bus was droven very very fast hahaha...The journey was around 30 minutes from the airport to our backpackers hostel. We had already book a double ensuit room for the stay in Seoul. It cost per person for the 5 nights stays for 130,000 KRW ~ RM365, whereby RM60 per night which was consider very cheap. You won't believe the interior of the room. You would thought it would be like common hostel. But I was surprise the interior of the room is just like a 5 star hotel. Equip with LCD tv, PC for Internet surfing, bathroom with tab and toiletries from Dove Bodywash, Patene for shampoo and Faceshop for facial wash. Consider high class hostel for this one. Let me show you the picture of our room that we stayed. 

PC in front of me, LCD tv and Queen bed.
After we had settle our stuff at our room, we head out to explore the surrounding. We had stopped buy at 7Evelen to buy some instant rice. Abit expensive if you bought the instant rice at convience store, I suggest better you head to supermarket if you can as it way more cheaper.

That all for our first night at Seoul. To be continue on the next entry.

P/S The weather is very nice not too hot and not too cold. Breezing I could say.

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