Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Makeupholics Confessions of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) Catalyst Part One

Today I would love to share my health care products that I had used over 2 months ago. At first I was spectical in using products that I bought online. However, once I read so many testimonial on people that had used it. I decided one bottle first of VCO and a box of collagen catalyst. To see if it works and see how effectively it works on my dull skin, uneven skin, acne scars (alot at my forhead and jawline). Let the picture tell you how my face had transfrom from below:

Before I use VCO - Picture taken on January 2011
 To this after one month
After one month of VCO - Picture taken on March 2011
 Then continue to become as below after second month
After two months of VCO - Picture taken on 1st May 2011
I became of fairer and my face cheek are up and away. Not losing it grip. Thanks to catalyst products!!! I am soon to be an agent of this product VCO. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Lastest photo taken on 21st May 2011

P/S You wont regret of trying this.

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Makeupholics Confessions of Seoul Haul

Cosmetics Haul from Hi Seoul, Heart of Asia. I know you had waited for this entry. I had purchase alot and I meant alot of Korean cosmestic when I was on my Seoul's trip last week.
What had I bought from

1. Etude House - Spent around 123,000 KRW ~ RM343

Set Collagen Moistful, Several packs for masks, eyelinear proof 10 black, blusher pink fit, collagen eye patch. Others that you see are free gifts.

2. Holika Holika - Spent  around 32,000 KRW ~ RM90
Magic Wand Mascara, Egg Soap Set, Masks burberry and tomato. Others are free gifs.

Facial Mist Holika Holika Vitamin C - Very nice!!! - 6,500 KRW

Egg Soap Set - 15,000 KRW
3. Tony Moly - Spent 8,500 KRW ~ RM23

Best Gel Eyelinear I had!!! Easy to glide on you eyelid and non smudge at all!!!

Will update on the review once I tested the products especially the egg soap!!! Whohoho...

P/S Superbroke with Korean cosmetics hauls. But eager to go to Korea again for more shopping.

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Travelholics Confessions of Seoul Part Seven - Finale

Finally day had arrived. The last day to explore Seoul. As there werent enough time for us even though our flight was at 10.25 pm. We took the time to pack our stuff in the morning and check out from the hostel. Take photos with the receptionist people. Left our luaggage at the receptionist before heading to our last pit stop in our trip, Naedum Market. We bump into several Malaysians that wanted to shop for souverniors and also Korea Stone brooches!!! All the way from Busan, end up all the Korea Stone brooches are now located at the Naedum Market. Please take note, dont be like us. Always research throughly but however at the Internet also didnt update that it be relocated here. Damn!!! Waste of money to Busan, that what I say.  Each brooches you can get lowest from 3,000 KRW up to 15,000 KRW. Please make sure you go around the Naedum Market because there will be alot and alot of brooches with variety of price and make sure get the cheapest!!!


My latest addition braclet!!! Very beautiful and gorgeous

Fridge Magnet, Keychains

It was time to bid farewell to Korea. Took the airport limousine bus from Sinchon. It was a great trip but yet I must come again because for shopping only!!! Next time Seoul, I will return to visit you sometime again. Thank you for the memories.

P/S I was superbroke at that time, cashless. Only a few of souverniors manage to bought because overspent on the brooches.

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Monday, 30 May 2011

Travelholics Confessions of Seoul Part Six

The sixth day of my stayed at Hi Seoul, Heart of Asia. Various of famous place to attack inside Seoul City. Before this, we had went travelling outside of Seoul. We start our sixth day journey to visit the Gyeongbkyu Palace for our first pit stop of the day. The main and largest palace in Korea. Admission fee was 3,000 KRW per person. We took the subway from Sinchon. Once we arrived, there was a demonstration of how the Korea's army were. So we watched the demonstration before exploring the palace. It was very hot and sunny that day whereby I need to open my umbrella. I couldnt even open my eyes as it shinning that it poke my eyes.

Entrance of the Palace

Infront of Pagado Palace

Inside the Palace
Second pit stop was Myeongdong!!! Favourite place to shop Korean brand cosmeticss!!! Heaven..totally heaven but this place is crowded. We stop here just to grab food to eat before heading to the next destination, Hanok Village. This place!! Very very delicious the food!!Thumbs up. The price of our food for both of is 24,000 KRW. So, 12,000 KRW ~ RM33 per person. Very pricey for Malaysia Ringgit but worthy!!! Very very worthy. We order seafood ricecake.

Kimchi and Seaweed Soup (Cold)
Infront of various favourite korean brand shops that I love and adore
 Third pit stop was Hanok Village.

Last pit stop was Namsan Tower. We took the cable car to Namsan Tower. Please take note, there is a lift towards the Namsan Cable Car. Please do not be like me and my friend. We walk half way towards the hill to get the Namsan Cable Car. Didnt realize there were lift from the bottom of the hill. Haha..haha..very funny when I remember it. No wonder, no other tourist insight. Only me and her. Lesson to be learnt.

Namsan Pad Lock Love Area

That is all for day sixth. So tiring and leg felt about to be broken into two. Too many places to be visit in one day. Crash one day trip at Seoul City.

P/S I did some shopping at Myeondong Etude House, Holika Holika, Tony Moly and Saem. Wait for my cosmestic entry. I know you cant resist to wait hik hik....

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Travelholics Confessions of Seoul Part Five

Nami Island ~ Winter Sonata Scene Movie.

Woke up early as we did not want the same thing happen to us eventhough we had already purchase the ticket. We ensure we arrived at the bus stop at 9 am. The bus depart at 9.30 am from Jong(na) Nam station near Tapagol Park (Pagado Park). The bus ride took 1 hour to reach the ferry station.

Bus Ticket and Visa Entry to Nami Island

Ferry to Nami Island

Korean Muslim Halal Cafe

Kimchi Fried with Fried rice

Peach Ice Pop
We head back to the bus at 3pm as the bus depart at 3.30 pm. Arrived back in Seoul at 5pm. Before heading back. I had spotted something that interest me very very much. Persuave my friends to stop by just for a second. Do you want to know what is it?? Jeng..Jeng...I spotted Holika Holika outlet!!!! I saw it from my bus window and say to myself. Must go!!! End up buying stuff that I was targeting since I was in Malaysia.

Cute Holika Holika staff that entertain me
What did I purchase?? Well you need to wait for my stash cosmetics entry.

P/S I love Holika Holika stuff...so cute!!! but havent tried their egg soap. Their magic wand mascara!!! Very impressive!!! Totally love every bit of it.

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Travelholics Confessions of Seoul Part Four

Everland Theme Park...Here I come!!! I was very excited to go there!!! My most favourable place and most wishlist to visit!!! My nature is when visiting a country, you must go and try out their theme park. We had departure from Gangnam Station and took the bus 5002 to Everland. The bus fare per trip was 1,200 KRW ~ RM3.30. I didnt know that the Everland Theme park was way up the hills like Genting Highlands. The journey took around 30 minutes. Before we came, we had already print out the discount voucher from the Everland Theme park website. For foreigner, we will get discount from 38,000 KRW to become 35,000 KRW per person. Save 3,000 KRW. This admission fee is from day until night. You can spend the whole day there. I took alot alot of pictures, I had to put several here. We had stayed there from morning until the night time. We had watched the mask parade for spring at noon and at night we had the chance to see mask parade for moonlight. As it was spring season, Everland theme park was filled with roses. It was roses theme for this time. More information, please visit Everland Theme Park website.

In front of the ticket counter

Human Sky

The best ride of all rides in Everland was the T-Express Roller Coaster!!! Totally awesome!!! The world steepest and wooden rollercoaster in the world, I am proudly to say I had step in it and had the best exprience in my life!!! Even it scary the hell of me once it took off but at the end it was the an awesome ride!!! Please make sure you have a good heart to ride this as you will felt you left your heart at the starting point once it shoot through the rail. You feel the breeze of the air and felt that the train is jumping off it rail.  Pictures?? Need to get it from my friend. As my camera was out of battery at that time, too bad!!!

Will update the pictures once got the it hand.

P/S T-Express awesomeee!!!!

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