Friday, 8 April 2011

Shopholics & MakeUpholics Confessions of Skin Care Etude House Haul Part Two


I spent 3 hours for my lunch break today!!! Breaking the record of my lunch break. I dare to take longer break because I will be saying good bye to my current company. Shhhh...please keep this quiet. My lunch break was indeed fill with happiness from Etude House but hole my pocket in the same time. I had stop by Etude House again...Yes again. This time I wanted to grab the BB Cake Luci Darling after I read several reviews and personal testimonial from my dear friend, Yana. However, I end up buying other stuff that does not include in my list. What to do. Very tempting Etude House's product. I added Miss Tangerine Pink blusher, Color My Brows - brown colour and restock another box of mask yogurt.  I had received the Peach Tea Time foam as free gift. The others are from my previous spree and did not have the time to took the photo. So I had end up taking all this time in one shoot.

Let the picture talk for you.
First Row - Left to Right: Precious Mineral BB Cream Shade #3 ( Latest edition shade), BB Cake Luci Darling, Peach Tea Time Cleansing Foam, Mascara Curl, and Color My Brows
Second Row - Left to Right: Peach Eyeshadow, Brown cream eyeliner, Mask Yogurt and Etude Oil Blotter
Third Row: Miss Tangerine Pink Blusher

Color My Brows Etude House - Brown Color
Based on my personal use and confession :

Precious Mineral BB Cream Shade #3
I love the BB cream mineral!!! Very nice coverage and also it super control oil. I usual will have oily t-zone in 1-2 hours but this one had took me to max of 5-6 hours of oil control. I used to blot my t-zone every 2 hours but with this only once a day!!! Recommended.

Peach Eyeshadow
Very the natural!! Pop my brown eyes and give a natural glow on my eyelid and bone brow.

Brown Cream Eyeliner
I like the texture of this cream. It was easy to glide onto my eyelids and very easy to make the wing. I am superb crazy doing wing eyes now.
Miss Tangerine Pink Blusher
Very pink natural and blend so nice onto the cheek area. I had tried at Etude House before purchasing it and I am so in love with it.

Color My Brows Etude House - Brown Color
Totally love the brown colour that colour my eyebrow. Why did I choose brown? Because my eyebrow is dark black. This colour had gave me a more natural look especially if I wear heavy eyeshadow.  Absolutely turn my complexion into more natural feature.

The others will review once I use it for several time before give confessions.

P/S Confession: I had indirectly influence my officemates to try and end up the 3 of them bought several Etude House's product

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