Thursday, 21 April 2011

Shopholics & MakeUpholics Confessions of Skin Care Etude House Haul Part Four


I am totally been Etude House (EH) fever for these two months. I read review on how could the EH natural puff jelly span for our face. I had purchase this natural puff for a week now and saw how good this span is. Impress on how soft it could scrub my face and felt very clean once using it. I notice the differences that I had reduce my whiteheads and no more small bumpers here and there at my face. With combining Mini Size U Pore Refresh Astringent after cleansing but use this one before you put the toner. Gave a cool effect and it is very very good in helping absorbing our skin product to our face. Thumbs up for this two EH products. I adore both of you!!!

Natural Jelly Puff - Face span
Mini Size U Pore Refresh Astringent

Below picture taken yesterday, I went to EH again just because there was a promotion when you purchase up to RM30 and received a Mini Size U Pore Refresh Astringent  trial kit. I end up buying a nude lipstick concelar and eyelinear brown eyeproof 10.

Left to Right: Free Gift: Mini Size Trial Set, Nude Concelar, Eyeliner brown Proof 10

My eye on right with eyelinear brown proof 10 - Very natural and eye brightning compare with the left one that does not have any eyelinear

P/S Confessions: I need to control myself from buying more EH product..can i?? hahaha..wait and see

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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Shopholics & MakeUpholics Confessions of Skin Care Etude House Haul Part Three


I went for the final round to Etude House Alamanda branch with my friend, Yana before the GP sales end this week (15th April 2011). Both of us were hitch by Etude fever since last month and went around the Etude House testing, trying and asking about each of the product. I am very statisfied with the service there as they will teach us how the product works and how to use it. At the end of the litte tour, I decide to bought another stock Luci Darling BB, makeup fixer and pink rose eyeshadow.

From Left to Right: Makeup Fixer Etude House, Luci Darling BB, Green Tea facial cleansing (Free gift) and Pink Rose Eyeshadow
P/S Confessions: No more BB cream after this

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Sunday, 10 April 2011

MakeUpholics Confessions of BB Cake Luci Darling Etude House


My most Etude House favourite product of the month....BB Cake Luci Darling Etude House. I am totally totally in love with this BB cake. It give me a flawless and smooth complextion to my face and it is very easily blend into my skin. I wore it to my officemate's wedding at Bangi. I started to wear it from morning until evening. I was very surprise with it oil control  and it is much better compare to the BB cream precious mineral. What impress me as it really gave my face a silky smooth complextion. In addition to my pimp makeup for today, I tried to wear the pink blusher cream by Miss Tangerine Etude House and wear color my brow in brown Etude House. As for my lips, I am wearing NYX Thalia round lipstick to give a pink nude lips.

My face pimp with BB Cake Luci Darling Etude House
 P/S Confessions: I will repurchase my 2nd BB cake luci tomorrow with my friend for restock since it on sale.


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Friday, 8 April 2011

Shopholics & MakeUpholics Confessions of Skin Care Etude House Haul Part Two


I spent 3 hours for my lunch break today!!! Breaking the record of my lunch break. I dare to take longer break because I will be saying good bye to my current company. Shhhh...please keep this quiet. My lunch break was indeed fill with happiness from Etude House but hole my pocket in the same time. I had stop by Etude House again...Yes again. This time I wanted to grab the BB Cake Luci Darling after I read several reviews and personal testimonial from my dear friend, Yana. However, I end up buying other stuff that does not include in my list. What to do. Very tempting Etude House's product. I added Miss Tangerine Pink blusher, Color My Brows - brown colour and restock another box of mask yogurt.  I had received the Peach Tea Time foam as free gift. The others are from my previous spree and did not have the time to took the photo. So I had end up taking all this time in one shoot.

Let the picture talk for you.
First Row - Left to Right: Precious Mineral BB Cream Shade #3 ( Latest edition shade), BB Cake Luci Darling, Peach Tea Time Cleansing Foam, Mascara Curl, and Color My Brows
Second Row - Left to Right: Peach Eyeshadow, Brown cream eyeliner, Mask Yogurt and Etude Oil Blotter
Third Row: Miss Tangerine Pink Blusher

Color My Brows Etude House - Brown Color
Based on my personal use and confession :

Precious Mineral BB Cream Shade #3
I love the BB cream mineral!!! Very nice coverage and also it super control oil. I usual will have oily t-zone in 1-2 hours but this one had took me to max of 5-6 hours of oil control. I used to blot my t-zone every 2 hours but with this only once a day!!! Recommended.

Peach Eyeshadow
Very the natural!! Pop my brown eyes and give a natural glow on my eyelid and bone brow.

Brown Cream Eyeliner
I like the texture of this cream. It was easy to glide onto my eyelids and very easy to make the wing. I am superb crazy doing wing eyes now.
Miss Tangerine Pink Blusher
Very pink natural and blend so nice onto the cheek area. I had tried at Etude House before purchasing it and I am so in love with it.

Color My Brows Etude House - Brown Color
Totally love the brown colour that colour my eyebrow. Why did I choose brown? Because my eyebrow is dark black. This colour had gave me a more natural look especially if I wear heavy eyeshadow.  Absolutely turn my complexion into more natural feature.

The others will review once I use it for several time before give confessions.

P/S Confession: I had indirectly influence my officemates to try and end up the 3 of them bought several Etude House's product

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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Shopholiocs & MakeUpholics Confessions of Skin Care Etude House Haul Part One

Due to my multi-tasking skills while working and at the same time browsing through the Internet reading reviews of skincare products. I bump into Etude House hauls and review from several blogger worldwide. In which had pursue me to go have a try and I end up felling in love with Etude House's product, a well name Korean brand. This brand line offer a wide range from skincare to makeup products packed in cute wrapping packaging. I definitely say very very cute packaging. The first trip to Etude House Sunway Pyramid Branch, I had bought my first set mask which was cheap at the time 5 sheets for RM12. This set was recommended by the salesgirl which is very good for people with combine skin (Oily T-Zone, Acne, but dry skin at the cheek area- This my face prescription). Because I adore pink colour so much, so decided to try the Pearl mask first before I went to bed. I wear the mask overnight and surprise the next morning my face felt so soft and moisture. The best thing my acne had size reduction. Damn impress over this mask!!! Very recommend to others to try it out.
Etude Masks
The second trip I went Etude House Alamanda branch, I went to bought several package of the mask sheets as it was on sale and better in money wise while you can get the item with cheaper price. I could not resist myself and bought other few more things to the Etude spree. A yogurt pack, mask brush and a nail buffer. The yogurt mask is a must to have, it leave your face super super soft and moisture after using it!!! Lovely scent of each of the yogurt pack ( Strawberry, Kiwi, Peach and Apple). The brush mask I used to take out the yogurt mask from the content as it is physical looks like normal yogurt. The brush mask become in handy in order to spread over your face. Wash the mask after the colour of it disappear from your face and wash it with warm water.

Mask Brush, Nail Buffer and Yogurt Masks
P/S Confession:: I had already influence my BFF, my mom and aunt to try out Etude House's product.

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